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Download"Cultivate" Oct/Nov 2020 Asking, Seeking,and Knocking

Download"Cultivate" August/Sept 2020 Opportunities to pray

Download"Cultivate" June/July 2020 Communion of the Saints

Download"Cultivate" April/May 2020 Posture & Rhythm

Download"Cultivate" February/March 2020 Endurance in 2020



Download"Cultivate" December 2019/January 2020 Giving Thanks unto Our God

Download"Cultivate" October/November. 2019 Newsletter Reflections of Our Gathering

Download"Cultivate" August/Sept. 2019 Newsletter Gathering  Together

Download"Cultivate" June/July 2019 Newsletter: Blessing

Download"Cultivate" Apr/May 2019 Newsletter: A Time To Refocus

Download"Cultivate" Feb/March 2019 Newsletter:Reconnect by Gathering


Download"Cultivate" Dec 2018/Jan 2019 Newsletter: Seasons

Download"Cultivate"Oct/Nov 2018 Newsletter: A New Wind Blowing

Download"Cultivate"Aug/Sept 2018 Newsletter: First Fruits of Strengthening ASK USA

Download"Cultivate"June-July 2018 Newsletter: Cul-ti-vate

Download "Cultivate"April-May 2018 Newsletter:Visiting the Zones

Download "Cultivate"Feb-March 2018 Newsletter: Living Stones


Download "Cultivate"Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Newsletter: A Different Calendar

Download "Cultivate" Oct-Nov 2017 Newsletter: Endurance

Download "Cultivate" August-Sept 2017 Newsletter: Sabbath-Keeping

Download "Cultivate" June-July 2017 Newsletter: Daily Walking with Jesus.

Download "Cultivate" Apr-May 2017 Newsletter: How is Your Celebration Going?

Download "Cultivate" Feb-Mar 2017 Newsletter: Remembering and Pondering


Download "Cultivate" Dec 2016-Jan 2017 Newsletter: Seasons

Download "Cultivate" Oct-Nov 2016 Newsletter: Transition

Download "Cultivate" August-Sept 2016 Newsletter: A Matter of the heart: 

Download "Cultivate" June-July 2016 Newsletter: Come 2016

Download "Cultivate" April-May 2016 Newsletter: More ... to come                                            

Download "Cultivate" February-March 2016 Newsletter: Asking for Protection As We Build


Download "Cultivate" December-January 2015/2016 Newsletter: Restructuring to Build

Download "Cultivate" October-November 2015 Newsletter: Who is Your Neighbor?

Download "Cultivate" August-September 2015 Newsletter: Leaders Praying for Leaders

Download "Cultivate" June-July 2015 Newsletter: Embracing Leaders

Download "Cultivate" April-May 2015 Newsletter: Life Giving Behaviors of Healthy Leaders

Download "Cultivate" February-March 2015 Newsletter: Our Trust Must Remain in the Lord


Download "Cultivate" December 2014 Newsletter: Christmas Gift for Jesus

Download "Cultivate" October-November 2014 Newsletter: I Believe - A Prayer for Africa

Download "Cultivate" August-Sept 2014 Newsletter: A*rise National Leader's Gathering Report

Download "Cultivate" June-July 2014 Newsletter: Asking is a Gift to be Given

Download "Cultivate" April-May 2014 Newsletter: A*rise National Leader's Gathering

Download "Cultivate" Winter 2014  Newsletter: Looking Forward


Download "Cultivate" Fall 2013  Newsletter: ASK in the North American Continent

Download "Cultivate" Summer 2013  Newsletter: What's "ON" my heart today?

Download "Cultivate" Spring 2013  Newsletter: ASK Days 2013

Download "Cultivate" Winter 2013 Newsletter: Bible Translation


Download "Cultivate" Fall 2012 Newsletter: A Call to Prayer for Americans

Download "Cultivate" Summer 2012 Newsletter: Responses to the National ASK Network Gathering "Come"