ASK Network USA Zone Map

Zones…a new word to describe what seems to be an old structure renamed.  In some ways that is true, but I believe the Lord asked our National Leadership Team to understand that from His perspective they are different because He is doing a new thing!  The zones that have been created have the initial purpose of defining areas that are more manageable from a people perspective as a leader.  But my understanding is these zones are to become areas where people come together as “family”.  The Lord’s heart is for us to make a concerted effort to bind ourselves  to one another in loving, caring relationships.  To make very sure that none feels isolated or alone as an ASKer, even though many of us live miles apart.  Jesus has provided us with technology, like free conference calling,  to keep those connections strong and vital.  We may not be able to often physically meet together, but we certainly can talk to one another frequently.

 We have 7 Zones in the US which have been color coded on the map.  Each Zone has one person who is responsible for being the conduit of communication and relationship, to keep in touch with those in their zones and to pray for and with them. Please keep these women in your prayers, they are playing a vital role in strengthening our ASK family.

To contact the leader in your zone, email