Booklets by Stuart McAlpine

 ASK Network International Director

ASKING in Jesus' Name - "Everything in prayer depends upon our apprehending this – IN MY NAME."
That was the conclusion of Andrew Murray, one of the most influential authors about prayer. "Ask in My name…" Of  all that Jesus taught about asking, this is the most important thing to understand and to do. This booklet will help you to apprehend this essential description of prayer, by giving you both a explanation and an exercise that will encourage you to ask with confidence and Jesus' name.
ASKING for Pastors - "The hungry sheep look up and are not fed."
That was how the great English poet, John Milton once described the state of the church, expressing the desperate need of Christians for pastors after God's heart. To pray for people to become Christians, to pray for the church, is equally to pray for the pastors who will care for the flock and attend to the fold.
Arguably, pastors are often the least prayed for members of the church. We pay a high price for such neglect. This booklet will help you to develop a biblical strategy for specific prayer for your pastor, and for all those entrusted by God to care for the sheep of His pasture. 
All proceeds go to further publications and to make free copies available to international pastors. 
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