ASKing Points 2015

ASKing Point for November/December 2015
ASKing for Refugees; ASKing for the Nations:Lebanon and Sri Lanka 

ASKing Point for September/October 2015
The Gift of Gathering; ASKing for the Nations:Botswana and Turkmenistan 

ASKing Point for July/August 2015
ASKing with the Word; ASKing for the Nations: Germany and Mali

ASKing Point for May/June 2015
ASKing For and In the Holy Spirit (Part 2), ASKing for the Nations: United Arab Emirates and Yemen

ASKing Point for March/April 2015
ASKing For and In the Holy Spirit, ASKing for the Nations: Qatar and Sudan

ASKing Point for January/February 2015
Vision and Growth in ASK Network ASK Network Belongs to the Nations, ASKing for the Nations: Zambia and Zimbabwe