ASKing Points 2012

ASKing Point December 2012
Praying for Pastors & The Middle East

ASKing Point November 2012
Cries for Righteousness, and Uganda also

ASKing Point October 2012
Ephesians Prayer in the Church & Vietnam

ASKing Point September 2012
Praying for those in Authority & Ghana

ASKing Point August 2012
Asking for Youth and for Nepal

ASKing Point July 2012
ASKing for revival and South Sudan

ASKing Point June 2012
ASKing points for Bible-less people and for Malaysia

ASKing Point May 2012
Praying the heart of our community and for Indonesia

ASKing Point April 2012
ASKing for children in 4/14 window and for street children

ASKing Point March 2012
Praying against human trafficking and for Greece

ASKing Point February 2012

Praying for world systems and for Kenya

ASKing Point January 2012
Praying for the poor and for Syria